The Killing of Sister George

by Frank Marcus
Opening Night 27 March 2014
Director: Jeffrey Vaughan

Fifty years after this black comedy was written, it still packs a punch.
Sister George is a beloved character in the popular radio series Applehurst, a district nurse who ministers to the medical needs and personal problems of the local villagers. She is played by June Buckridge, who in real life is a gin-guzzling, cigar-chomping, woman, the antithesis of the sweet character she plays. She is often called George in real life. She lives with a younger woman, Alice “Childie” McNaught.
But ratings are falling and when June discovers that her character is scheduled to be killed, she becomes increasingly impossible to work and live with.
Marcus’s plays were noted for their strong parts for female actors, such as Sister George, his fourth play. It has enjoyed a resurgence, performed in London in 2011 and New York in 2012.
This play looks at relationships, will have you laughing as well as wondering who has the power and who is manipulating whom.


Sharon Matthews - Theatreview
Barbara Frame -ODT


June Buckeridge Stefany Frost 
Alice McNaught Kimberley Buchan 
Mercy Croft Lynne Keen 
Madam Xenia Marie Steele 
Radio Voice Gareth Treharne 
  Andrew Cook 
  Jeffrey Vaughan 
  Rosemary Beresford 


Stage Manager Deanna Beckett 
Lighting Design Brian Byas 
Art Work Andy Frampton 
Programme Chris Brickell 
Wardrobe Nina Duke Howard 
Set Construction Ray Fleury 
  David Holmes 
Photography Martin Swann 
Stefany Frost.
Kimberley Buchan.
Stefany Frost, Lynne Keen.
Marie Steele.
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