Journey's End

by R C Sherriff
Opening Night 20 February 2014
Director: Brian Beresford

1929. Sherriff's play about life in the trenches in the First World War. This powerful play endures in the tradition of great drama because until wars are at an end, the human race will continue to question what our reaction should be to the cycle of killing and being killed in the name of foreign policy. Sherriff's play creates real characters, some of whom deal better than others with the stresses of warfare in the trenches, the close proximity of the enemy and the pointlessness and inevitability of dying.


Terry MacTavish
Barbara Frame - ODT


Captain Stanhope Matthew Scadden 
Lieutenant Osborne Dale Neill 
2nd Lieutenant Trotter Keith Scott 
2nd Lieutenant Hibbert Reuben Hilder 
2nd Lieutenant Raleigh Andrew Brinsley-Pirie 
The Colonel Dean Alan Jones 
The Company Sergeant-Major Brook Bray 
Private Mason Oscar Macdonald  
Captain Hardy Warren Chambers 
A Young German Soldier Matt Foster 
A Private Miguel Nitis 


Stage Manager Christine Johnstone 
Assistant Stage Manager Miguel Nitis 
LIghting & Sound Brian Byas 
Set Design Brian Beresford 
Set Construction Ray Fleury 
  Don Knewstubb 
  David Holmes 
Wardrobe Nina Duke Howard 
Photography Riley Baker 
  Martin Swann 
Poster Ellie Swann 
  Martin Swann 
Marketing Ellie Swann 
  Rosemary Beresford 
  Keith Scott 
  Dale Neill 
Front of House Ellie Swann 
  Rosemary Beresford 
Matthew Scadden.
Andrew Brinsley-Pirie.
Warren Chambers.
Dale Neill, Oscar Macdonald .
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