The Middlemarch Singles Ball II

by Ella West
Opening Night 05 December 2013
Director : Ellie Swann

The last Middlemarch Singles Ball really stirred up the district. Now, a year on, planning is underway for the next one. The changes that have happened have affected everyone – especially the passing of the former committee chairman, Jack. His Auckland-raised widow Penelope has stepped into the breach, running the farm and joining the committee, much to everyone’s surprise.

Incidentally, there are no men in Middlemarch needing wives either, but there is a group of very unhappy women...

And so the next Middlemarch Singles Ball is underway...


Patrick Davies (Theatreview)


Greg Dale Neill 
Phyllis Leanne Byas 
Penelope Elsa May 
Pete Campbell Thomson 


Lighting Design Brian Byas 
Stage Manager Laniet Swann 
Lighting Operator Martin Swann 
  Jo Ross 
Publicity Ellie Swann 
Front of House Lynne Keen 
  Rosemary Beresford 
Photography Riley Baker 
Dale Neill.
Elsa May.
Campbell Thomson, Leanne Byas.
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated