The Unexpected Man

by Yasmina Reza
Opening Night 29 August 2013
Director: Joe Cecchi

What is it that counts?
The long run? Or the moment?

Would you read a book in front of the author?

Two people share a compartment on a train and discover there is more to the journey than the destination.

Yasmina Reza's 1995 play 'The Unexpected Man' reveals that, despite having separate trains of thought, they will eventually end up on the same track.

Featuring Joseph Cecchi and Kate Lindsay, the Globe Theatre is proud to present this special play, translated from the original French by Christopher Hampton.


Patrick Davies (Theatreview)


The Man Joe Cecchi 
The Woman Kate Lindsay 


Set Design Joe Cecchi 
LIghting & Sound Alexandra Ross 
Photography Riley Baker 
Publicity Ellie Swann 
  Dale Neill 
Front of House Ellie Swann 
Joe Cecchi.
Kate Lindsay.
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