Albert Camus

by Stuart Gilbert
Opening Night 29 October 1962
Producer: Rosalie Carey
Producer: Patric Carey

Although convinced of the essential absurdity of the world into which we are born, Camus did not follow the path of retreat or indifference. Despite the cruel insults to man's freedom and dignity imposed by the human condition, Camus tried to find some justification and values for a life from which God has been excluded. Rejecting passivity and indiffernce, he suggested that could only be found in action, in salvation human solidarity, in he struggle against fundamental absurdity of life.


The Mother Kathleen Small 
The Sister Karen Reid 
The Wife Valborg Jensen 
The Son Keith Harrison 
The Manservant Patric Carey 


Stage Manager Bryans Elliott 
  Lorraine Agar 
  Diana Hanky 
Sound Bevan Dodds 
Lighting Neil Walker 
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated