Brief Encounter

by Noel Coward
Opening Night 18 April 2013
Director: Louise Petherbridge

Noel Coward’s works are generally regarded as lighthearted and even frivolous. His play, "Still Life", which is probably better known as "Brief Encounter", the title of its film version, is an example of his more contemplative side. "Brief Encounter" tells the story of the year-long love affair between two people in their 30s, Laura and Alec, each one apparently stable and happily married (to others) and neither prepared for the onslaught of love that comes upon them so unexpectedly. The sadness of their serious and secret relationship is contrasted throughout the play with the much more cheerful and playful relationship of Myrtle and Albert, two of the staff working in the railway station where the whole action of the play takes place.


Barbara Frame - ODT
Terry MacTavish - TheatreView


Laura Denise Casey 
Alec Chris Jacobs  
Myrtle Mary Greet 
Albert Dale Neill 
Beryl Laura Wells 
Stanley Oscar Macdonald  
Mildred Kimberley Buchan 
Bill Brook Bray 
Johnnie Alan Grey 
Young Man Chris Summers 
Dolly Janice Snowden 
Customer Yvonne Jessop 


Stage Manager Christine Johnstone 
Assistant Stage Manager Laniet Swann 
Set Design Louise Petherbridge 
Set Construction Don Knewstubb 
  Ray Fleury 
Set Finishing Brian Beresford 
Lighting Design & Rig Alexandra Ross 
Lights/sound Operators Jo Ross 
  Riley Baker 
Props Christine Johnstone 
Wardrobe Sofie Welvaert 
Photography Sofie Welvaert 
Publicity Roslyn Nijenhuis 
Front of House Ellie Swann 
Photography Riley Baker 
Denise Casey, Chris Jacobs .
Dale Neill, Mary Greet.
Brook Bray, Alan Grey.
Kimberley Buchan, Laura Wells.
Oscar Macdonald .
Yvonne Jessop, Chris Summers.
Denise Casey, Janice Snowden.
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