by Richard Huber
Opening Night 06 December 2012
Director : Richard Huber
Co-director : Erica Newlands

"Songbird" is a romantic comedy dealing with the age-old problem of 'what to do when you find a Bride in your wardrobe'. Set in contemporary New Zealand, it deals with the great dramatic themes of Love, Marriage, what policemen do on their days off - and the "Sound of Music". What would you do for a kiss from the person you love?


Barbara Frame (ODT)
Terry MacTavish


Angie Kate Han 
James Luke Agnew 


Stage Manager Miriam Noonan 
Lighting Design & Operation Alexandra Ross 
Lighting Design Luke Agnew 
Sound Operation Miriam Noonan 
Wardrobe Sofie Welvaert 
Kate Han, Luke Agnew.
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated