The Middlemarch Singles Ball

by Ella West
Opening Night 05 October 2012
Director: Keith Scott

The Middlemarch Singles Ball has been running for many years. Famous in New Zealand, and even overseas, it was initiated to help lonely Middlemarch farmers find wives.
However, this year the committee has a problem. Tickets for the Ball have all been sold but, as the organisers discover to their horror, all the ‘singles’ who are coming are female. It seems that previous Balls have been so successful that there are no longer any Middlemarch farmers who are looking for wives. But the town needs the money - for a new roof for the bowls club and a better (rat-free) kitchen for its community hall - so the Ball must go on. There is only one thing for it – the organisers have to find single males. Unfortunately the only men they can find who are willing to come are from Auckland - and are not exactly farmers…


Terry MacTavish - TheatreView
Barbara Frame (ODT)


Phyllis Sarah Tregonning  
Greg Dale Neill 
Jack Warren Chambers 
Rob Brook Bray 


Stage Manager Christine Johnstone 
Set Design Keith Scott 
Set Construction Don Knewstubb 
  Ray Fleury 
Sound Phillip Todd 
Light/sound Operation Alexandra Ross 
Wardrobe Sofie Welvaert 
Photography Sofie Welvaert 
Poster Ellie Swann 
Properties Christine Johnstone 
Assistant SM Laniet Swann 
Set Mural Brian Beresford 
Publicity Roslyn Nijenhuis 
Sarah Tregonning .
Warren Chambers.
Brook Bray.
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated