by Nigel Ensor
Opening Night 12 July 2012
Director: Nigel Ensor

Winkie is a man-child, a forty-year old man with serious learning difficulties who thinks and behaves like a four-year old child. His only carer is his mother, his only environment his small, safe home. Then his mother dies and Winkie’s care becomes the responsibility of his sister and her less than sympathetic fiancé. Winkie’s story is one of love and neglect, of sacrifices made - and of cynical self-interest. A sad and illuminating, all too relevant tale for our time.


Barbara Frame (ODT)
Kimberley Buchan


Mrs Doris Walls Yvonne Jessop 
Annette Walls Stefany Frost 
Gavin Walls Chris Summers 
Wilson Scrimgeour Emmett Hardie 
Sharon Stark MIllie Lovelock 


Stage Manager John Campbell 
Assistant Stage Manager Golda Matthias 
  John Bellville 
Set Design Nigel Ensor 
Set Construction Don Knewstubb 
  Phillip Todd 
  William Torr 
  Helen Davies 
  Helen Fearnley  
  Ray Fleury 
Set Finishing Rohana Weaver 
Lighting Design & Rig Alexandra Ross 
Lighting/sound Operator George Wallace 
Properties Christine Johnstone 
  Ray Fleury 
Wardrobe Sofie Welvaert 
Photography Sofie Welvaert 
Publicity Roslyn Nijenhuis 
Front of House Ellie Swann 
Stefany Frost.
Chris Summers.
Emmett Hardie.
MIllie Lovelock.
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated