by Duncan Sarkies
Opening Night 17 May 2012
Director: Feather Shaw

Lovepuke (written in 1993) is a hysterical take on the state of love and relationships in the contemporary urban setup. Lovepuke, by definition, is a rancid and fake form of affection. The play follows its characters in their desperate bid to find true love. 
The story is told from the perspective of Glen, a singleton who is extremely cynical about the whole love thing and boarders on misanthropic. Glen is the mouthpiece for Sarkies’ commentary on the subject of love, and from here he introduces the other characters; sickened and disgusted by their various shades of lust and love.


Kimberley Buchan (Theatreview)
Barbara Frame (ODT)


Glen Fraser Jackson 
Hermione Dell Mcleod 
Kevin Luke Agnew 
Louise Anna Parsons 
Ivan Brook Bray 
Janice Rachel Marriott  
Marissa Sofie Welvaert 
Nathan George Wallace 


Stage Manager Dominic Angelo 
Lighting Rig And Operator Alexandra Ross 
Fraser Jackson.
Dell Mcleod.
Luke Agnew.
Anna Parsons.
Brook Bray.
Rachel Marriott .
Sofie Welvaert.
George Wallace.
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