Waiting for Godot (2011)

by Samuel Beckett
Opening Night 18 August 2011
Director: Richard Huber

Two men, scruffy but dignified, meet in a deserted, desolate environment, sit, wait and talk while waiting (for a man called Godot). Two other men, equally scruffy but much less dignified arrive, leave, return and leave again. A Boy arrives with news that Godot cannot come today; he too leaves and may (or may not) arrive again.

The waiting seems endless, the mood increasingly bleak but, paradoxically, this is a comedy, a black and even cruel comedy in the best Chaplinesque manner – and a theatrical experience that will stay in the memory long after the ‘waiters’ have departed.


Terry MacTavish
Jonathan W. Marshall
Barbara Frame
Simon Cunliffe (NZ Listener)


Estragon Harry Love 
Vladimir John Watson 
Pozzo Jimmy Currin 
Lucky Jerome Cousins 
Boy Liam Johnston 


Set & Lighting Design Martyn Roberts 
Stage Manager Cynthia Wun 
Lighting Operation Cynthia Wun 
Wardrobe Sofie Welvaert 
  Rachael McCann 
Poster Kathryn Madill 
Publicity Roslyn Nijenhuis 
Photographer Gerard O'Brian 
  Sofie Welvaert 
Front of House Ellie Swann 
John Watson.
Harry Love, John Watson.
Jimmy Currin, Jerome Cousins.
Jimmy Currin.
Liam Johnston.
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