The Hypochondriac

by Moliere
Opening Night 1993
Director: Des Wright


Monsieur Argan John Dawson 
Toinette Lynn Freeman 
Angelica Carol Young 
Beline Jackie Smith 
Monsieur Bonnefoy John Corson 
Cleante Hamish McDouall 
Dr Diaforus Christopher Mangin 
Dr Thomas Diaforus Staevynn Smyth-Mason 
Louis Sarah Kennedy 
Beralde Nick Round-Turner 
The Apothecary John Corson 
Dr Purgon John Campbell 


Production Secretary Pip Lomas 
Set Design and Construction John Hodgkins 
Stage Manager Jonathan Bolton 
Lighting Leanne Henderson 
Costumes Cathrine Waite 
Costumes Assistant Gregor Campbell 
Prompt Rachael Parmee 
Props Toni White 
Music Anthony Ritchie 
Set Assistant Lynn Freeman 
Photographer Reg Graham 
Graphic Designer John Hodgkins 
Front of House John Campbell 
  Vicki Carthew 
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