Too True to be Good

by George Bernard Shaw
Opening Night 05 September 1968
Director: Rosalie Carey

A petty crook and a chamber maid break into the sickroom of an ailing young aristocrat with the sole purpose of stealing a valuable piece of jewelry. Once inside the sickroom, however, the crook convinces his victim to sell the jewelry in question instead and come away with him and his comely accomplice to an exotic locale where they can live on love and whatever the necklace might net. Of course, once they've made their escape, life gets in the way, and even though our threesome has conceived an elaborate ruse to throw the authorities off their track, they each find themselves pining for more -- but before they can ask themselves just what it is they want more of, Shaw has told them and us in no uncertain terms.


Cast: Simon O'Connor 
  Helen O'Grady 
  Peggy Durrant 
  Juliet Kitto 
  Sharman Orr 
  Clive Bayliss 
  Christopher Brayshaw 
  Colin Durning 
  David Reid 
  Roy Stinton 


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