Terminal Guilt

by Nigel Ensor
Opening Night 13 July 1998
Director: Nigel Ensor

A bleak yet intriguing depiction of what New Zealand's own justice system might become in the future. It takes place in a New Zealand prison at a time when a right-wing party has forced the government to re-introduce capital punishment.


David Habgood Glen Lowe 
Maurice Fenwick Chris Summers 
Tom Withnall Nigel Ensor 
Laura Downes Jackie Smith 
Ann Habgood Tasha Wakefield 
Stella Fagan Janice Snowden 
Jack Macauley Andrew May 
Roland Gorman Doug Leggett 


Stage Manager Val Ensor 
Assistant Manager Miriam Rask 
Production Manager Joss Depree 
Lighting Russell Depree 
Wardrobe Charlotte Handley 
Set / Props Russell Depree 
Front of House / Programmes Diana Flanagan 
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated