Little Eyolf

by Henric Ibsen
Opening Night 14 May 1962
Producer: Rosalie Carey
Producer: Patric Carey
Director: John Hardy

Little Eyolf is the most subtle and elusive of all Ibsen's plays. Henry James' criticism of the 'happy ending' is not substantiated in performance. In this act Ibsen achieved what he intended, to reveal the interior of the human soul in which we all love has died - so that in rita's words, all that is left to her and Allmers is to try and fill that emptiness with something. Something resembling love.


Alfred Allmers Roger Clark 
Rita Allmers Pat Harrison 
Eyolf Christopher Carey 
  Peter Duncan 
Asta Allmers Ann Kennedy 
Borghejm Bryans Elliott 
The rat Wife Kathleen Small 


A. S. M. Noeline Jones 
Costumes designed and mad Susan Ferguson 
Setting Beth Stephens 
  Fred Kersh 
Lighting Neil Walker 
  Tony Ferguson 

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