Lady Windermere's Fan

by Oscar Wilde
Opening Night 10 December 1998
Director: James Hadley


Lady Windermere Claire Glenn 
Lord Darlington Patrick Davies 
Duchess of Berwick Amber Todd 
Mrs Erlynne Serena Cotton 
Parker Hadley Thomson 
Lord Windermere Tim Foley 
Lord Augustus Rhys Latton 
Cecil Graham Duan Stronach 
Mr Dumby Andrew McKenzie 
Mr Hopper Hadley Thomson 
Lady Agatha Debbie Morton 
Lady Plymdale K J Smith 
Lady Jedburgh Alys Longley 
Lady Stutfield Liz Pollock 


Publicity K J Smith 
Poster Design Debbie Morton 
Lighting Ian Leslie 
Lighting Assistant Lyndon Hood 
Wardrobe Mistress Sarah Jones 
Stage Manager Bissie More 
  Alys Longley 
Assistant Stage Manager Toni Crompton 
Hair and Makeup Liz Pollock 
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated