The Importance of Being Earnest (1999)

by Oscar Wilde
Opening Night 23 April 1999
Director: Yves Tixier

A subversive reading of the play, stylish and stylised, with Wilde's homosexuality placed centre stage


Algernon Moncrieff John Forde 
Lane, Manservant Geoff Lambourne 
John Worthing Rhys Latton 
Miss Gwendolen Fairfax Jessica Sutherland 
Lady Bracknell Amber Todd 
Miss Cecily Cardew Ruth Larsen 
Miss Prism, Governess Francine Knowles 
Rev. Canon Chasuble Tim Flaherty 
Merriman, Butler James Mitchell 
Mr Gribsby Geoff Lambourne 


Stage Manager Alison Stringer 
Musicians Heather Bolton 
  Chris King 
Singer Anna Knight 
Costume Alison Stringer 
  Charlotte Handley 
Costume Assistants Sarah Jones 
  Lyndon Burford 
Lighting Design Yves Tixier 
Lighting Technician Leo Goodwin 
Front of House Esther Gatwick 
  Jessica Buchanan 
  Jo Murdoch 
  Laurie Murdoch 
Sound Technician Anna Knight 
Publicity Alison Finigan 
  Sophie Cibre-Leask 
Poster Design D'arcy Dalzell 
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