Me and My Friend

by Gillian Plowman
Opening Night 27 August 2009
Director: Nigel Ensor

This very different play, which has been described as being funny and extremely
powerful, tells the story of four individuals (Bunny, Oz, Julia and Robin), all former
mental health patients, who have recently been released from a psychiatric hospital
into a 'Care in the Community' scheme -- an early-release programme for such
patients. They live in two small council flats, somewhere in England, and are trying to
get themselves jobs and gradually fit themselves back into society.
Bunny and Oz (two men who are both around 40 years old) conduct fantasy
interviews for jobs they will never get, while the two women, Julia and Robin (in their
late 20s - early 30s) try to 'make plans' as urged to do by the hospital. The action
switches between the everyday and the characters' own psychoses. In a series of
interactions and monologues they share with us their hopes and dreams. The four
patients meet when Oz throws a party.


Oz Wyeth Chalmers 
Bunny Steve McNamara 
Robyn Kate Lindsay 
Julia Denise Casey 


Set Construction Andrew Cook 
Stage Manager John Campbell 
Assistant Stage Manager Sarah Williamson 
Lighting Ian Leslie 
Lighting Assistant Sam Dent 
Wardrobe Rachael McCann 
Props Emily Duncan 
Poster Design Andrew Cook 
Photography Melanie Peters 
Publicity Roslyn Nijenhuis 
Front of House Kathy Creswell-Moorcock 
Wyeth Chalmers, Steve McNamara.
Denise Casey, Kate Lindsay.
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated