Habeas Corpus

by Alan Bennett
Opening Night 01 September 1986
Director: Louise Petherbridge

Lecherous Dr Arthur Wicksteed - of threadbare respectability - teeters on the brink of being struck off for his handling of female patients.


Dr Arthur Wicksteed Barry Dorking 
Mrs Swab Hilary Norris 
Mrs Muriel Wicksteed Anne Woodhouse 
Dennis Wicksteed Malcolm Wright 
Constance Wicksteed Lyn Jamieson 
Canon Throbbing Roger Hall 
Sir Percy Shorter Bruce McMillan 
Lady Rumpers Kay Thompson 
Felicity Rumpers Marjory Embleton 
Mr Shanks Peter Verstappen 
Mr Purdue James Brodie 
Music/Sound Effects Peter McClymont 
Designer Ian Kingsford-Smith 
Lighting Design Peter Short 
Lighting Operator/ASM Lindsay Mathieson 


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