Arms and the Man

by George Bernard Shaw
Opening Night 09 April 1962
Producer: Rosalie Carey
Producer: Patric Carey
Director: Betty Dodds
Assistant Director: Glenys Gale

An anti-romantic comedy


Rainer Petkoff Dallas Campbell 
Catherine Petkoff Peggy Durrant 
Louka Beth Stephens 
Captain Bluntschli John Fairmaid 
Nicola Peter Burns 
Major Petkoff Eric Herd 
Major Saranoff John Park 
A Russian Officer Martin Harris 
A Soldier Peter Engelsbretson 


Costumes designed and mad Irene Adcock 
  Susan Ferguson 
Lighting Tony Ferguson 
Sound Bevan Dodds 
Set Construction John Park 
  John Fairmaid 
  Bill Ferguson 
  Fred Kersh 
  Beth Stephens 

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