Beautiful Thing

by Jonathan Harvey
Opening Night 04 August 2005
Director: Jeffrey Vaughan

Writer Jonathan Harvey describes his play as an urban fairytale. Its a story of sexual awakening, set in the close-knit, working class community of the Thamesmead Estate, south-east London.

Sandra works as manager of a local pub, her teenage son, Jamie is the kind of student who hates athletics and is victimized by his peers. Jamies neighbour at Thamesmead, Ste, is a popular jock at the school, but Ste has his own problems at home. One night, Ste seeks refuge at Jamies flat, where the two boys share a bed, and the foundation for first love is set.


Anna Chin - Listener


Jamie Henry Davidson 
Sandra Jo Munro 
Ste Alastair Lumsden 
Leah Lana Kerr 
Tony Andrew Morrison 


Stage Manager/Set Construction Andrew Cook 
Production Assistant Katrina Yelavich 
Technical Operator Catherine MacManus 
Artwork Andy Frampton 
Photography Reg Graham 
Marketing Brian Kilkelly 
Front of House Alison Finigan 
  Murray Robertson 
Henry Davidson.
Alastair Lumsden.
Alastair Lumsden, Henry Davidson.
Andrew Morrison, Jo Munro.
Lana Kerr.
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated