A Penny for a Song

by John Whiting
Opening Night 24 October 1972
Producer: Patric Carey

On a summer's day in 1804, in a Dorset garden, the Bellboys family awaits the Napoleonic invasion. An aristocratic family, whose eccentricity verges on lunacy, they make their preparations for war.


Maid Belinda Carey 
Sir Timothy Bellboys Walter Bloomfield 
Hallem Mathews Ray Stone 
Edward Sterne Roger Collins 
Boy Mark Edwards 
Lamprett Belboys Philip Gaze 
Dorcas Bellboys Jenny Wood 
George Selincourt Eric Herd 
William Humpage Alan Curreri 
Samuel Breeze Bill Dacker 
Joseph Brotherhood Robert Wood 
Rufus Piggott Chris Sims 
Hestor Bellboys Jean Dodd 
Pippin Patricia Hamilton 


Wardrobe Eve Durning 
Stage Manager Alan Campbell 
Lighting LLoyd Smith 
Assistant Stage Manager Patricia Hamilton 
In Charge of Cannons Belinda Carey 
Set Construction Bill Dacker 

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