Saint's Day

by J Whiting
Opening Night 30 July 1972
Producer: Patric Carey
Producer : Rowena Cullen


Stella Heberden Priscilla Smith 
Charles Heberden Douglas Blair 
Paul Southman Bill McKay 
John Winter Stephen McElrea 
Robert Procathren David Greet 
Giles Aldus Walter Bloomfield 
Christian Melrose Bill Dacker 
Walter Killeen Paul Mulholland 
Henry Chater Edward Lee 
Women of the Village Edith Mercier 
  Charmian Dodd 
  Betty Duncan 
  Eve Durning 
  Jenny Wood 
Child Belinda Carey 


Stage Manager Grant Kerr 
Sound Tony Ferguson 
Lighting LLoyd Smith 
Assistant Stage Manager Jennifer Stephen 
  Marilyn Lee 
Set Design Betty Duncan 
Set Construction Paul Mulholland 
  Rodney Jansen 
  Bill Dacker 
  Edward Lee 
  Anne Grindle 

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