Temptations of Oedipus

by Baxter
Opening Night 03 April 1970
Producer: Patric Carey


Oedipus Ian Ralston 
Ismene Dallas Fairmaid 
First Citizen John Dawson 
Second Citizen Colin Durning 
Creon Ray Stone 
Antigone Johanna Perreau 
Polynieces Ross Johnston 
Chorus Member Eve Durning 
  Nevan Rowe 
  Lyndal Howley 
  Dallas Fairmaid 
  Frances Muirennan 
  Mari-Anne Irving 
First Woman Shirley McKenzie 
Second Woman Ann Holmes 
Guard Richard Mercier 
Actor Cilla McQueen 
  Patric Carey 


Set Design Ralph Hotere 
Composer Anthony Watson 
Costume Design Rodney Kennedy 
Costume Maker Maureen Hitchings 
  Eve Durning 
Conductor Peter Platt 
Musician Don McKenzie 

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