Glide Time

by Roger Hall
Opening Night 06 December 2007
Director: Andrew Morrison

This is a New Zealand classic, the play that jump-started the theatrical career of Roger Hall. He created characters whom we recognized, who spoke like us and behaved like us - but who made us laugh at the same time that they made us wince or weep. Glide Time, which was written in the late 1970s, was recreated as a popular television series, Gliding On, and has recently been revived as a stage play whose humour and subjects for delight and derision are as immediate today as they were almost 30 years ago.


Terry MacTavish - TheatreView


John Andrew Morrison 
Hugh Bert Nisbert 
Jim Brian Kilkelly 
Beryl Emily Duncan 
Michael Dylan Shield 
The Boss Don Knewstubb 
Wally Andrew Cook 


Stage Manager Neal Barber 
Tech Jeffrey Vaughan 
Set Construction Jeffrey Vaughan 
Photography Melanie Peters 
Front of House Alison Finigan 
  Alison Embleton 
  Rosemary Beresford 
  Stefany Frost 
Andrew Morrison, Dylan Shield.
Brian Kilkelly.
Emily Duncan, Bert Nisbert.
Emily Duncan.
Dylan Shield.
Andrew Morrison, Andrew Cook.
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