by Nigel Ensor
Opening Night 25 October 2007
Director: Nigel Ensor

A black comedy whose central character is a man who has willed that his body be frozen after his death. When he does die, his wife finds comfort elsewhere only to find that death is not the end.


Aubrey Todd Scott Rickerby 
Janine Todd Alison Embleton 
Warren / Figure 1 Michaela Hunter 
Aubrey's Spirit Michael Ftizgibbon 
Valentine White Doug Leggett 
Corinth Richie Mhairi Elliot 
Georgia Morrison Stefany Frost 
Andrew Bryce Neville Jopson 
Fiona White / Figure 2 Zara Walsh-Ramathas 
Xanth van Loom Ruth Wheeler 


Set Andrew Cook 
Stage Manager John Campbell 
Lighting Sherilee Shackleton 
Asst Stage Manager Joanne Gray 
Lighting Design Jeffrey Vaughan 
Photography Melanie Peters 
Poster Brian Beresford 
Wardrobe Leigh Paterson 
  Shannon Anderson 
Michael Ftizgibbon.
Scott Rickerby.
Alison Embleton, Neville Jopson.
Zara Ramathas.
Doug Leggett, Mhairi Elliot.
Ruth Wheeler.
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