Stage Blood

by Charles Ludlum
Opening Night 22 March 2007
Director: Jerry Jaffe

This wild farce tells the story of a touring company and its production of Hamlet. The company is led by boozy old Carlton Stone Sr., whose untimely death throws the company into turmoil. His son, Carl Jr., while also learning the role of Hamlet, finds his mother has become involved with his rival and now they are competing for control of the country, I mean, company. Along the way, there are soliloquies, closet scenes, ghosts, and a lovely young girl-friend who likes to swim in the river (and who, of course, also plays Ophelia!) As the great tragedian Carlton Stone Sr. once said: In order to play Hamlet, you have to have been Hamlet!


Carlton Stone, Sr. Richard Huber 
Carlton Stone, Jr. Paul Stephanus 
Helga Vain Suzanne Little 
Edmund Dundreary Scott Ranson 
Jenkins Andrew Robinson 
Elfie Fay Elena Kersey 
Gilbert Fey Richard Huber 


Stage Manager Neal Barber 
Technical Operators Neal Barber 
  Angus Dingwall 
Lighting Design Neal Barber 
Lighting Riggers Neal Barber 
  Paul Stephanus 
Wardrobe Mistress Neal Barber 
Publicity Neal Barber 
Front of House Alison Finigan 
  Murray Robertson 
Photography Reg Graham 
Scott Ranson, Richard Huber.
Andrew Robinson.
Suzanne Little.
Elena Kersey.
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated