Romeo and Juliet (2002)

by William Shakespeare
Opening Night 20 June 2002
Director: David Manley


Escalus Lewis Ablett-Kerr 
Paris Graham Williams 
Montague Jim Conradson 
Capulet Brian Kilkelly 
Lady Montague Fran Hackshaw 
Lady Capulet Emily Duncan 
Juliet Helen Prior 
Nurse Lynne Keen 
Romeo Steven Durrant 
Tybalt Chris Summers 
Mercutio Chris Hopkins 
Benvolio Jacob Rosevear 
Friar laurence Campbell Thomson 
Friar John Herman Visagie 
Balthasar Ben Vickers 
Abram Herman Visagie 
Sampson Henry Davidson 
Gregory Ben Vickers 
Peter Neal Barber 
An Apothecary Andrew Patterson 
Old Man Andrew Patterson 
An Officer Neal Barber 
Page to Paris Henry Davidson 
Page to Mercutio Herman Visagie 
Citizens of Verona/Watchm Aimee Chalmers 
  Fiona Duigan-Mckay 
  Clare Fairbrother 
  Emily Ross 


Stage Manager Andrew Cook 
  H-J Kilkelly 
Wardrobe Roz McKechnie 
Lighting Corey Anderson 
Set/Sound design David Manley 
Set Realisation Andrew Cook 
  David Manley 
  Graham Williams 
Stage Hand Gemma Sides 
Sound Operator Ingrid Berry 
Properties H-J Kilkelly 
  Jason Hampton 
Fight Co-ordinators Jacob Rosevear 
  Steven Durrant 
Front of House Murray Robertson 
Poster Design Kathryn Madill 
Publicity Rosemary Beresford 

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