Romeo and Juliet (1961)

by William Shakespeare
Opening Night 25 May 1961
Producer: Rosalie Carey
Producer: Patric Carey

For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo.


Samson Dougal Stevenson 
Gregory Peter Scoular 
Abraham Richard Stedman 
Benvolio John Park 
Tybalt Peter Sanders 
Montague Victor O'Leary 
Capulet Patric Carey 
Lady Montague Heather Douglas 
Lady Capulet Yvonne Welsh 
Escales Maurice O'Reilly 
Paris Peter McMeiken 
Mercutio Michael Devine 
Peter Maurice O'Reilly 
Romeo Richard Butler 
Nure to Juliet Peggy Stedman 
Juliet Dallas Campbell 
Friar Laurence Lance Tonkin 
An Apothecary Richard Stedman 
Friar John Michael Devine 
Balthasar Barry Martin 
Pages Michael Stedman 
  Phillip Tonkin 
Citizens of Verona Glenys Gale 
  Gabrielle Johnston 
  Robyn Kirkland 
  Janet Edwards 
  Graham Ward 
  Barry Martin 


Wardrobe Patricia Bell 
Properties Robin Patterson 
Publicity Mary Latta 
Lighting Neil Walker 
Stage Manager Doreen Ives 
Asst. Stage Manager Jane Paris 
Music arranged by Nigel Eastgate 
Music played by Nigel Eastgate 
  Peter Platt 
  John Veale 
  Peter McIntyre 
Programme design Richard Stedman 

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