Twelfth Night (2005)

by William Shakespeare
Opening Night 06 October 2005
Director: Neal Barber

In many ways Twelfth Night is a traditional Elizabthan romantic comedy; one in which 'true love' triumphs over all of the obstacles placed in its way. Orsino loves Olivia who loves Orsino. Viola, who has disguised herself as a man following the shipwreck that landed her on Orsino's shore has an identical twin brother who has apparently been lost at see since that storm. It Is a tale of self deception, of petty follies and retaliatory cruelty but also one in which 'all's well that ends well.'


Viola/Cesario Bianca Prujean 
Olivia Barbara Walsh 
Orsino Andrew Gillespie 
Sebastian Sam McAnally 
Sir Toby Jonathan Wicken 
Maria Janice Snowden 
Sir Andrew Nathan Brown 
Malvolio Nick Idour 
Feste Tommo Cuthbert-Ashmore 
Antonio Steve McNamara 
Fabian Chris Summers 
Valentine Ryan Brown-Haysom 
Curio Luke Agnew 
Priest/Captain Jim Conradson 
First Officer Conrad Broad 


Stage Manager Neal Barber 
Set Design Brian Beresford 
Set Construction Andrew Cook 
  Jeffrey Vaughan 
Lighting Design Neal Barber 
Light Rigging Jeffrey Vaughan 
Lighting Operation Kathy Creswell-Moorcock 
Sound Nicola Haliday 
Original Music Brian Beresford 
Wardrobe Claire Hewitt 
  Roz McKechnie 
Hair and Make-up Claire Hewitt 
Publicity Roslyn Nijenhuis 
Poster Design Brian Beresford 
Photography Reg Graham 
Front of House Pam Manley 
Jonathan Wicken, Nathan Brown.
Jim Conradson, Barbara Walsh, Sam McAnally.
Andrew Gillespie, Tommo Cuthbert-Ashmore.
Conrad Broad, Steve McNamara.
Janice Snowden.
Bianca Prujean, Ryan Brown-Haysom, Luke Agnew.
Neal Barber.
Claire Hewitt.
Nick Idour.
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated