Seasons Greetings

by Alan Ayckbourn
Opening Night 02 December 2006
Director: Brian Beresford

Seasons Greetings is a hilarious comedy about love and about... how unfair it all is. And success and failure. And jealousy and self-deception. And greed and envy and lust and gluttony. Just an average family Christmas.

There are puppets, presents, party games (of the kind that adults tend to play) and lots of Christmas spirit, just sloshing around.

If you were to spend a Christmas like Belinda, Neville and company, you might be desperate to make a number of heartfelt resolutions come New Year’s Eve!


Belinda Anne-Marie Hilborne 
Rachel Barbara Walsh 
Neville Chris Summers 
Eddie Conrad Broad 
Harvey Jim Conradson 
Pattie Katrina Yelavich 
Phyllis Natile Ellis 
Bernard Rodney Hamel 
Clive Stuart Capstick 


Stage Manager Neal Barber 
Set Andrew Cook 
Lighting Design Jeffrey Vaughan 
Christmas Elves Alison Embleton 
  Alya Maclean 
  Rowena Thevarakam 
Lighting Operator Angus Dingwall 
Sound Hugh Dingwall 
Jim Conradson.
Chris Summers.
Conrad Broad.
Katrina Yelavich.
Natile Ellis.
Stuart Capstick, Anne-Marie Hilborne.
Barbara Walsh.
Rodney Hamel, Jim Conradson.
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated