The School for Scandal (2006)

by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Opening Night 05 October 2006
Director: Andrew Morrison

The School for Scandal (1777) is widely regarded as one of the finest comedies in the English language, and its wit, humour and social commentary still touch a nerve nearly 330 years after its premiere. The play follows the antics of a group of men and women of fashion in late eighteenth-century London, and provides a kaleidoscopic view of society at the time, from the old gentleman and his new wife, to a sneering set of gossips, and two brothers who are tested by their wealthy uncle regarding an inheritance. The various characters and plots soon collide, with hilarious consequences. The School for Scandal combines razor-sharp wit and dialogue with scathing satire and a hefty dose of farce to create a unique theatrical experience. Don�t miss the chance to see a contemporary production of this classic play


Sir Peter Teazle Brian Beresford 
Lady Teazle Angela Hannah 
Sir Oliver Surface Conrad Broad 
Joseph Surface Andrew Morrison 
Charles Surface Andrew Gillespie 
Lady Sneerwell Terry MacTavish 
Maria Edie Wilkins 
Mrs Candour Janice Snowden 
Sir Benjamin Backbite Tommo Cuthbert-Ashmore 
Crabtree Don Knewstubb 
Rowley Simon Ashby 
Moses/Servant Wyeth Chalmers 
Snake Jen Aitken 
Careless Jim Conradson 
Maid Glenda Marshall 


Assistant Director Neal Barber 
Stage Manager Neal Barber 
Lighting Design Jeffrey Vaughan 
Lighting Operator Elliot Price 
Set Design Andrew Cook 
Publicity Roslyn Nijenhuis 
Fornt of House Murray Robertson 
Photography Reg Graham 
Wardrobe Jane McCabe 
  Leigh Paterson 
Andrew Gillespie, Brian Beresford.
Glenda Marshall, Terry MacTavish.
Janice Snowden, Angela Hannah, Don Knewstubb.
Brian Beresford, Simon Ashby.
Andrew Morrison.
Conrad Broad.
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated