by Donizetti
Opening Night 1984
Director: Effie Cockburn

Rita and her hen-pecked husband Beppo, live "happily" in a little Swiss inn with their manservant, Bartolo, until a sea-faring stranger arrives.


Dramatic Readings Introduced by Kathleen Dawson 
Rita Ann Naziris 
Bepo Stan Forbes 
Bartolo Noel Davie 
Gaspara Les Cleveland 


Musical Director Ian Page 
Pianist Richard Warnock 
Designer Ashley Newman 
Stage Manager Tony Borick 
Assistant Manager Bruce Dixon 
  Arthur Nazaris 
Costuming Isobel Levings 
Costuming assisted by Mary Dixon 
  Rosemary Foster 
Lighting and Sound Technician David Cockburn 
Set Construction Ken Woods 
Properties Marie Aubin 
Programmes and Posters Nanette McMillan 
  Adele Telfer 
Publicity Mary Dixon 

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