Hamlet (1958)

by William Shakespeare
Opening Night 1964
Produced by: Rosalie Carey
Produced: Patric Carey

Hamlet is an actor's play, and only comes to life when acted. It was written for the finest acting platform in the history of theatre, and for what must have been fine actors. Insurmountable problems in the study and proscenium theatre disappear on the apron stage. The natural growth or theme and charcterisation is not retared by act and scene breaks. Shakespeare wrote for predominantly illiterate audience with a keen response to the music of the spoken word, and actors, whoe personality and advice must have influenced his work. In this production we have tried to dispense with scenery, trick lighting and effects, and to use the personality of the actors, keeping in mind that "the plays the thing." This production was rehearsed at 104 London St but staged in Burns Hall


Bernardo Ray Warwood 
Francisco Ian Ralston 
Marcellus Jack Murrell 
Horatio Brian Muir 
Ghost Ron Garman 
Claudius Norman McKinlay 
Voltemand John More 
Cornelius Aubrey Stephens 
Laertes Douglas Drury 
Polonius Douglas Dall 
Hamlet Reg Graham 
Gertrude Barbara Manton 
  Betty Hardie 
Osric Grant Tilly 
Ophelia Jenepher Harty 
  Joy Rowlatt 
Reynaldo Eric Herd 
Rosencrantz Jack Murrell 
Guildenstern Ian Ralston 
1st Player Ron Garman 
2nd Player Keith Muir 
3rd Player Eric Herd 
4th Player Ralph Knowles 
5th Player Michael Andrewes 
A Captain Ray Warwood 
Fortinbras Michael Gill 
  Eric Herd 
Grave Diggers John More 
  Aubrey Stephens 
  Michael Andrewes 
Soldiers James McNeill 
  Bob Faris 
  Bill Swales 
  Ray Warwood 
  Ian Ralston 
  Jack Murrell 
Ladies in Waiting Alison Elson 
  Joyce Shepherd 
  Jean McKinlay 
  Anne De Roo 
  Natalie Ellis 
  Edith Mercier 
  Beverley Knox 
Pages Nigel McNeil 
  Clive McNeil 


Music compsed & arranged by Nigel Eastgate 
Trumpets Ken Smith 
  Ray Cox 
  Finlay Forbes 
Oboe Peter Platt 
Recorders Nigel Eastgate 
Violins R Harbour 
  G E Boardman 
Violas Laughton Harris 
  S Slater 
Text Adviser Alan Horsman 
Costumes designed by Rodney Kennedy 
Costumes made by Alison Elson 
  Betty Usher 
  Doreen Harty 
  Jean McKinlay 
  Jean Warwood 
  Pamela Pow 
  Ailsa Stephens 
  Edith Mercier 
  Anne De Roo 
  Helen Aldridge 
Wardrobe Mistress Betty Usher 
Armour Construction Joyce Shepherd 
Fabric Dyeing Anne De Roo 
Organisation Rosalie Carey 
Stage Management James McNeill 
  Bob Faris 
Assissted by Elsie McNeil 
  Meryl Faris 
Publicity Brian Wise 
  Mary Latta 
Programme Design Grant Tilly 
Book Holders Joyce Shepherd 
  Heather Douglas 
  Jean Warwood 
  Beverley Pollock 
Production Secretary Betty Hardie 
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated