Accidental Death of an Anarchist

by Dario Fo
Opening Night 24 August 2006
Director: Gordon Brough

The Globe Theatre is excited to present one of the most significant international plays of the 20th Century by Italian Dramatist and political identity Dario Fo. Fo lives in Milan with his wife and theatrical collaborator Franca Rama who this year was elected as a senator in the Italian government. Dario Fo was given a Nobel Prize in Literature in 1997. The translation (2003) being used is by British playwright Simon Nye, best known for his TV comedy work such as �Men Behaving Badly�.The combination of writer and translator produces a hilarious but telling work. The play is founded upon certain true historic events that are referred to in the play. In 1969 a certain man with anarchic beliefs (Guiseppe Pinelli) was arrested on suspicion of having planted a bomb in Milan that killed 16 people. Pinelli was held for three days without seeing a judge. Just before midnight on December 15th Pinelli was seen to fall to his death from the fourth floor of the Milan Police Station with the question remaining as to whether he jumped or was thrown. Later enquiries showed that he was innocent of the bombing.


Barbara Frame (ODT)


Maniac Bill Needs 
Inspector Sam McAnally 
Superintendent David Manley 
Constable Malcolm Lay 
Bertozzo Don Knewstubb 
Journalist Beverley Reid 


Stage, Lighting Design David Manley 
  Sam McAnally 
Set Construction David Manley 
  Sam McAnally 
Technical Operator Matthew Kilsby-Halliday 
Costume Jane McCabe 
  Leigh Paterson 
Stage Manager John Campbell 
Production Manager Gretchen Kivell 
Production Assistant Alison Embleton 
Publicity Roslyn Nijenhuis 
Photography Reg Graham 
Front of House Murray Robertson 
Don Knewstubb, Malcolm Lay, Bill Needs.
Sam McAnally, Bill Needs.
Bill Needs, Beverley Reid.
Sam McAnally, David Manley, Malcolm Lay.
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated