Night Must Fall

by Emly Williams
Opening Night 23 September 1999
Director: Don Evans

Night Must Fall is widely regarded as the forerunner of a number of stage and screen plays featuring psychopaths. I suppose you could describe Dan, played originally in London by the author himself, as Hannibal Lecter in a bell-boy's pillbox hat. A review of the play in 1935 was headlined "A study is scizophrenia." Later Williams confessed that he had to look up 'schizophrenia' in the dictionary.

Whatever emotional disability afflicts Dan, he is a complex character and his beaviour is the catalyst for what London Times in 1935 described as "a study of vanity, the vanity of the bore, the vanity of old age, the crazy histrionic vanity of the criminal." In the late 1990s Night Must Fall betrays a certain quaintness and tendency toward the "spine-chilling melodrama referred to by an American newspaper in 1936, but it is still a well made play, and is of the accessible kind.


Mrs Bramson Margaret Laube 
Olivia Grayne Vivienne Aitken 
Hubert Laurie Stuart Mathieson 
Nurse Libby Deborah Manning 
Mrs Terence Beth Stephens 
Dora Parkoe Justine Pierre 
Inspector Belsize Michael Andrewes 
Dan Gregor Henderson 


Set design & construction Jon Waite 
Wardrobe and set dressing Charlotte Handley 
Stage manager/script assistant Natalie Milne 
Light design/tech operation Ian Leslie 
  Toby Heal 
  Corey Anderson 
Properties Justine Pierre 
  Natalie Milne 
  Deborah Manning 
Publicity Eddie Cleverley 
  Beth Rask 
  Stuart Mathieson 
Sponsorship Beth Rask 
  Lyndon Hood 
Poster Design Simon Pickard 
Wardrobe assistant Jan Stroud 
Production Assistant Miriam Rask 
Programme Lyndon Hood 

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