The Winter's Tale (2008)

by William Shakespeare
Opening Night 21 August 2008
Director: Neal Barber

"It's like King Lear, only happier ... and more complete." First performed in 1611, The Winter's Tale is one of Shakespeare's later plays. Indeed, it seems to return to the themes of Lear - madness, revenge, love, betrayal, exile, and grief - but allows its protagonist to complete his journey. A short synopsis for the benefit of those - most of us? - who have neither read nor seen the original? A task beyond the ken of great men - after all, if Shakespeare had wanted to write brief plays he would have! Suffice it to say then that this will be a marvellous opportunity for us all to put that omission to rights as we revel in this tale of love, jealousy and hate, of mistaken assumptions that result in abandonment. Not to mention the most famous stage direction in the Shakespearean canon: "Exit, pursued by Bear!" And don't worry, The Winter's Tale may start out all doom and gloom - or should that be fire and brimstone - but, as in life, the bad times are only short lived; viva la vie Boheme!


Anna Chin - New Zealand Listener


Hermione/Time/Mopsa Barbara Walsh 
Mamillius Laniet Swann 
Emelia / Perdita Sherilee Shackleton 
2nd Lady/Camillo/Lord/3rd Gentleman Simon Ashby 
Leontes Paul Ellicott 
Polixines/Lord/Servant Chris Hopkins 
Paulina/Mopsa Ellie Swann 
Gaoler/Clown/Servant/1st Gentleman Alya Maclean 
Anitgonus/Autolycus Michaela Hunter 
Servant/Florizel Michelle Fidow 
Lord/Shepherd/2nd Gentleman Wyeth Chalmers 


Technical Director Meegan Cloughley 
Assistan Set Design &Construction Laniet Swann 
Costumes Leigh Paterson 
  Ellie Swann 
  Sandy Wicken 
Technical Operation Meegan Cloughley 
  David Coxon 
Technical Assistants Ellie Warman-Grieder 
  Ryan Ward 
Rehearsal Prompt Martin Swann 
Poster Design Luci McConnon 
Publicity Roslyn Nijenhuis 
Front of House Rosemary Beresford 
Photography Melanie Peters 
Barbara Walsh.
Michelle Fidow, Laniet Swann.
Sherilee Shackleton, Wyeth Chalmers.
Chris Hopkins, Simon Ashby.
Paul Ellicot.
Alya Maclean, Michaela Hunter.
Ellie Swann, Michaela Hunter.
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated