Vita and Virginia

by Eileen Atkins
Opening Night 29 June 2006
Director: Louise Petherbridge

Vita and Virginai tells the stpry of the relationship between two very special women, Vita Sackville-West and Vrginia Wolf. The two women were both established writers and with their respective husbands, members of the illustrious Bloomsbury. They met at a duinner party in 1922 and began a frienship that morphed into a passionate affair. Although their story is told largely through the medium of letters exchanged between the pair, the play appears to be full of action, so vivd is the imagery and so powerful are the emotions expressed. The realtionship (including the rift caused by Virginia's jealousy of Vita's other lovers) is so unambguous, that you can enjoy the play even if you don't have an in-depth acquantance with the women's work and lives. Vita and Vrginia gives us a rare opportunity to eavesdrop on the rich, talented and famous who lived in a world far removed from that inhabited by the 'celebrites' of todays gossip columns.


Vita Terry MacTavish 
Virginia Jocelyn Harris 


Stage Manager Andrew Cook 
Technical Operator Angus Dingwall 
  Hugh Dingwall 
  Andrew Cook 
  Neal Barber 
Production Design Louise Petherbridge 
Set Construction Andrew Cook 
Wardrobe Jane McCabe 
Photography Reg Graham 
Poster Brian Beresford 
Publicity Roslyn Nijenhuis 
Front of House Murray Robertson 
  Alison Finigan 
Terry MacTavish.
Jocelyn Harris.
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