The Apple Cart

by George Bernard Shaw
Opening Night 01 September 1967
Production: Rosalie Carey
Production: Patric Carey
Production: Hal Smith


Pamphilius Robyn Patterson 
Sempronius Colin Durning 
Boanerges Eric Herd 
Magnus Ray Stone 
Princess Royal Janice McConnell 
Proteus Frank Grayson 
Balbus John Anderson 
Nicobar Ian Hudson 
Crassus Keith Maslin 
Pliny Peter Soskice 
Postmistress General Peggy Durrant 
Lysistrata Maureen Edwards 
Orinthia Pamela Pow 
Queen Jemima Molly Anderson 
American Ambassador Hal Smith 
Maids Irene Kennedy 
  Gail Mains 
  Donita Crombie 
Butlers Michael Groves 
  Ross Tovey 
  Jonathan Brown 


Lighting Neil Walker 
Costume Design Elizabeth Smith 
  Annette Booth 

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