The Devils

by John Whiting
Opening Night 1973
Produced by: Patric Carey

Patric Carey's farewell Globe production, after 15 years.

Religious repression and sexual hysteria in 17th century France. Based on Aldous Huxley's novel, The Devils of Loudon.


Mannoury Murray Hutchinson 
Adam Marshall Seiferth 
Ninon Shirley Drossaerts 
Jean D'Armagnac Walter Bloomfield 
Guillaume De Cerisay Alex Sutherland 
Father Grandier Huntly Elliott 
Sewerman Bill Dacker 
Trincant David Baldock 
De La Rochepozay Robert May 
Father Ranqier John Bailey 
Father Barre Douglas Blair 
Phillipe Charmian Dodd 
Sister Jeanne Cilla Hotere 
Delaubermont David Baldock 
Sisters: Claire Terry MacTavish 
Sisters: Louise Jenny Wood 
Sisters: Gabrielle Shirley Drossaerts 
Father Mignon Ian Garner 
Prince Henri Robert May 
Bontemps Alan Curreri 
Fathjer Ambrose David Greet 
Sisters Virginia Connor 
  Shirley McQueen 
  Ann Shaw 
Doctor & Old Clerk Paul Aubin 
Soldiers Mark Allan 
  Ian Coxhead 
  Tony Snell 
Page Boys Tim Dodd 
  Alistair MacDonald 


Set Design Ralph Hotere 
Costume Design Rodney Kennedy 
Lighting LLoyd Smith 
Stage Director Peter Gurney 
Wardrobe Carol Curreri 
Wardrobe Maureen Hitchings 
Properties Barrie Peake 
  Margaret Peake 
Set Construction Ted Middleton 
  Bill Dacker 
Assistant Stage Manager Helen ten Tye 
  Mary Leete 
  Belinda Carey 
  Katie Fraser 
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