The Sorcerer's Apprentice

by Frank Grayson
Opening Night 1974
Producer: Margaret Laube


Mother Hubbard Marian Coxhead 
Gyp Tony Snell 
Martin Allan Curreri 
Cat Vivienne Laube 
Old Man - Nostrus Frank Grayson 
King John Watson 
Princess Jacqui Stephens 
Guard Owen Rooney 
Jeweller Graeme Smith 


Stage Manager Graeme Smith 
Assistant Stage Manager Barry Peake 
Stage Hand Eleanor Archer 
  Gilmour Hutchison 
Art Work Robbie NcFee 
Properties Laurel Easton 
Prompt Karen McFee 
Lighting Don Knewstubb 
Sound Andrew Bond 
Posters and Programmes Richard Norris 

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