Ring a Rosy

by Arthur Schnitzler
Opening Night 1973
Adapted and produced by: John Dawson


The Prostitute Judie Barford 
The Soldier Bill Dacker 
The Chambermaid Gay Austin 
The Young Gentlemen Murray McLachlan 
The Young Wife Natalie Ellis 
The Husband Don Donnner 
The Nice Girl Diana Burns 
The Poet Walter Bloomfield 
The Actress Margaret Laube 
The Count David Greet 


Stage Management and Set Graeme Smith 
  Dennis Harold 
Properties Lorna Wright 
  Audrey Shearer 
Costumes Carol Curreri 
  Rosalie Carey 
Lighting Alasdair Turner 
Sound LLoyd Smith 
Prompt Anne McNeur 
  Judith Geare 
Publicity Jenny Wood 
The script typed by Joyve Walker 

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