The Cocktail Party

by T. S. Eliot
Opening Night 1971
Production: Patric Carey
Assisted by: Anne Walker

"The condition is curable. But the form of treatment must be your own choice. I cannot choose for you. If that is what you wish, I can reconcile you to the human condition."


Edward Chamberlyne Walter Bloomfield 
Julia Jean Dodd 
Celia Copplestone Frances Muirennan 
Alexander MaColgie Gibbs William Earl 
Peter Quilpe David Greet 
Unidentified Guest Ray Stone 
Lavinia Chamberlayne Elizabeth Collins 


Flute Improvisations John Wesley Barker 
Paintings David Graham 
  Colin McCahon 
  John Drawbridge 
Projection Slide Ralph Hotere 
Costumes Dallas Fairmaid 
Stage Management Briar Fraser 
Lighting Neil Walker 
Set Construction Bill Dacker 
  Briar Fraser 
  Jill Davidson 
  Betty Duncan 
  Belinda Carey 
Set Design Patric Carey 
Properties Shirley McKenzie 
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated