Twelfth Night (1968)

by William Shakespeare
Opening Night 28 March 1968
Production: Rosalie Carey
Production: Patric Carey

Part of the Shakespeare season.


Viola Sandra Burt 
Sea Captain John Cairney 
Sebastian Peter Clare 
Antonio Malcolm McQueen 
Sir Toby Belch Brian McKenzie 
Maria Janice McConnell 
Sir Andrew Aguecheek Harry Love 
Feste Bill McKay 
Orsino Graham Wood 
Curio Simon O'Connor 
Olivia Marilyn Parker 
Ladies in Waiting Helen O'Grady 
  Juliet Kitto 
Malvolio John Dawson 
Lutanist Michael Stedman 
Singer John Boyens 
Page Grant MacKenzie 


Lighting Clive Bayliss 
Sound Michael Stedman 
Set Design Patric Carey 
Wardrobe Shirly Page 
  Michie Reid 
  Peggy Durrant 
  Kristin Chance 
  Rosalie Carey 
Twins costume Pamela Pow 
Swordplay Peter Clare 
Book Holders Peggy Durrant 
  Betty Dodds 

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