by August Strindberg
Opening Night 06 June 1970
Production: Patric Carey

Easter was written at a time of hope in Strindberg's dufficult and tortured life, and though it is his most tender play - a tale of expiation and forgiveness - it is not merely, as has been suggested, a "Christian Fairytale".


Mrs Heyst Kathleen Dawson 
Ellis Simon O'Connor 
Eleanora Peggy Jowett 
Kristina Jocelyn Webster 
Benjamin Christopher Carey 
Lindkvist Geoffrey Jowett 
Lina Robyn Frazer 


Properties Rosalie Carey 
  Belinda Carey 
Decor Assistant Bill Dacker 
Costumes Mari-Anne Irving 
  Eve Durning 
Front of House Pamela Pow 
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