The Rivals (2003)

by Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Opening Night 07 August 2003
Director: David Corballis


Anna Chin - Listener


Thomas David Corballis 
Fag Ryan O'Kane 
Lydia Languish Helen Prior 
Lucy Katrina Yelavich 
Julia Melville Natalie Milne 
Mrs Malaprop Terry MacTavish 
Captain Absolute Andrew Gillespie 
Sir Anthony Absolute Lewis Ablett-Kerr 
Faulkland Peter Coates 
Acres Tommo Cuthbert-Ashmore 
Sir Lucious O'Trigger Jerry Cook 
David Steven Durrant 
Servant Fran Hackshaw 


Director's Assistant Fran Hackshaw 
Wardrobe Roz McKechnie 
Set Construction/Painting Andrew Cook 
Lighting and Sound Ekarin Teng 
  Abby Clearwater 
Front of House Alison Finigan 
  Murray Robertson 
Poster Design Brian Beresford 
Photography Reg Graham 
David Corballis.
Ryan O'Kane.
Helen Prior.
Katrina Yelavich.
Peter Coates, Natalie Milne.
Terry MacTavish, Andrew Gillespie.
Tommo Cuthbert-Ashmore, Jerry Cook.
Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated