The Merchant of Venice (1999)

by William Shakespeare
Opening Night 25 February 1999
Director: Donald Hope Evans

The action takes place in the streets of Venice, at Portias house at Belmont (some distance from Venice), outside Shylocks house and in the Venetian Court circa 1597.


The Duke of Venice Geoff Lambourne 
The Princess of Morocco Will Marler 
The Princess of Arragon Tim Smith 
Antonio Tim Foley 
Bassanio Andrew McKenzie 
Portia Amber Todd 
Shylock Lyndon Hood 
Gratiano Robert McEwan 
Salerio Rhys Latton 
Salanio Kelvin Cummings 
Nerissa Claire Glenn 
Jessica Melanie Dodge 
Tubal James Mitchell 
Leonardo John Morss 
Lorenzo Duan Stronach 
Balthazar Maria Nichterlein 
Stephano Angus Dingwall 
Lancelot Gobbo Jessica Sutherland 
Old Gobbo Chris Summers 
Serving Persons etc Hugh Dingwall 
  Sonna Reihana 
  Miriam Rask 
  Gabrielle Airey 
Lute Player Duan Stronach 


Stage Manager Alys Longley 
Stage Crew John Morss 
  Maria Nichterlein 
  Gabrielle Airey 
Set Design Campbell Thomas 
Set Construction Barry Paton 
  Alistair Rask 
Set Painting Ian Leslie 
  Ingrid Berry 
  Lyndon Hood 
  Eddie Cleverley 
Wardrobe Charlotte Handley 
  Eve Claverley 
Production Manager Diana Flanagan 
Script Assistant/Asst Pro Stuart Mathieson 
Front of House Beth Rask 
Lighting Design/Tech Oper Ian Leslie 
Sound Stuart Mathieson 
Publicity/Sponsorship Man James Hadley 
Choreographer Julie Harris 
Poster Artwork Eddie Cleverley 
Programme Design Diana Flanagan 

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