by William Shakespeare
Opening Night 30 January 1997
Director: Alex Laube

This play has inspired both fascists and communists in different decades of this century. It inspires me personally, because the hero is so much a creation of his society. It is a play for those of us who believed and maybe still believe that there is a world elsewhere, and yet see the worldas it is. It is a play for the observer who can tell when they are being lied to, or being told what to think.


Caius Martius Julian Wilson 
Volumnia Marilyn Parker 
Virgillia Sarla Donovan 
Menenius Agrippa Michael Andrewes 
Cominius Brian Beresford 
Sicinius Velutus Julie Harris 
Junius Brutus Susanne Bolger 
Valeria Margaret Laube 
Titus Lartius Lyndon Hood 
Young Martius Angus Dingwall 
First Roman Senator John Dawson 
Second Senator Magda Sakowski 
First Citizen/Roman Soldi Chris Summers 
Second Citizen/Roman Sold Juliet Mann 
Third Citizen/Roman Soldi Katie Jefcoate 
Messenger/Officer/Citizen Erin Mercer 
Aedile/Officer/Citizen/Ni Maritza Linzey 
First Roman Soldier Edward Waite 
Citizens Chris Reid 
  Robert McEwan 
  Edward Waite 
  Magda Sakowski 
  Hugh Dingwall 
Trumpeter and Drummer Angus Dingwall 
Tullus Aufidius James Mitchell 
First Volsce Lord/Coriole Chris Reid 
Second Volsce Lord/Coriol Magda Sakowski 
Volsce Lieutenant/Volsce Robert McEwan 
First Volsce Conspirator Maritza Linzey 
Second Volsce Conspirator Juliet Mann 
Volsce Soldiers (Fighters Hugh Dingwall 
  Nicholas Cable 
  Maritza Linzey 
  Chris Reid 
  Robert McEwan 
  Magda Sakowski 


Production Assistants/Sta Joy Hellyer 
  Nicholas Cable 
Set Construction Assisted Susanne Bolger 
  Joy Hellyer 
  Maritza Linzey 
  James Mitchell 
  Julian Wilson 
Lighting Jim McCall 
Publicity Emma Jackson 
Costume Cathrine Waite 
  Jill Davidson 
  Renee Steele 
Armour Nicholas Cable 
  Alex Laube 
  Edward Waite 
  Maritza Linzey 
  Lyndon Hood 
  Julian Wilson 
  Chris Summers 
  Katie Jefcoate 
Cast Coffee Margaret Laube 
  Joy Hellyer 

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