The Tempest (a puppet Theatre)

by William Shakespeare
Opening Night 1977
Director: Louise Petherbridge


Puppeteers Rex Perreau 
  Ngaire Sprague 
  Karen Pronk 
  Rowena Cullen 
  Gordon Brough 
  Janet Dawson 
  Briar Middleditch 
  Katie Fraser 
Recorded Voices Rowena Cullen 
  Walter Bloomfield 
  Louise Petherbridge 
  David Green 
  Gordon Brough 


Carved Puppets James McLean 
  Carola Peterson 
  Libby Brown 
Shadow Puppets Briar Middleditch 
Music Glynn Marillier 
Sound Recording Chris Masters 
Lighting Peter Jaquiery 
Costumes Diane Parnham 
Script adaption Rowena Cullen 
Strage manager Graeme Smith 
  Pat Griffin 
Pros & Rag puppet constru Rowena Cullen 
  Louise Petherbridge 
  Shirley McKenzie 
Graphics & Publicity Sue Anderson 
  Martin Anderson 

Upcoming Productions

The Raft Opens 17th Sep

Hosted by Friends of the Globe Theatre Incorporated