Daughters of Heaven (1992)

by Michelanne Forster
Opening Night 22 October 1992
Director: Lisa Warrington
Director's Assistant: Helen Jamieson

Two teenage girls conspire to murder the mother of one of them. Based on the notorious 1954 Parker-Hulme murder, this script explores the breakdown of one moral universe and its replacement with another that is potent, powerful and, ultimately, tragic.


Pauline Parker Anna Cameron 
Juliet Hulme Jane Duval-Smith 
Hilda Hulme Karen Nobes 
Henry Hulme John Dawson 
Walter Perry Paul McLaughlin 
Honora Mary Rieper Alayne Wright 
Herbert Rieper Alister McDonald 
Bridget O'Malley Hilary Norris 
Alan Brown David O'Donnell 
Terrence Gresson Alister McDonald 
Justice Adams John Dawson 
Reginald Medlicott Thomas Robins 
Police Detective David O'Donnell 
Matron Adrienne Ranson 
Prison Officer David O'Donnell 


Stage Manager Lisa Chatfield 
Lighting Design Peter Jaquiery 
Set Design Thomas Robins 
Costumes Cathrine Waite 
Lighting Operator Cathy Knowsley 
Sound Operator Jennifer Lal 
Publicity Catherine Fitzgerald 
  Margot Schweigman 
Props and Research Marie La Hood 
Poster design Star Gossage 

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